Wright Balance Fitting – Sarah Bidney, PGA

Sarah is a Level 5 Certified Fitter with Wright Balance, she was one of the first 15 in the country! In a simple process Sarah will measure your bio-mechanical features with the Wright Balance system to determine your proper stance width, grip placement, posture set, and swing characteristics.


The whole process has been designed and researched by Dr. David Wright over the last 30 years. He found a direct connection between a golfers’ dominant core region and their stability, power, and ability to swing the golf club on a better path with a square club face. His research has been extensive and goes beyond golf. Professional baseball players and other athletes have benefited from the WrightBalance fitting system.

Sarah is the only PGA Professional in Iowa who is Wright Balance certified.

To schedule your one-hour Wright Balance Fitting ($100) please call Sarah at 515-491-0940.