Randy – One Hour Lesson

Hi Sarah,
I just wanted to say thank you again for helping me with my golf game. Changing my grip and the way I follow through the ball has helped me so much. I am enjoying the game so much more and it makes me want to spend every day at the course, even though that is impossible. The guys that I golf with are amazed at the difference. They can’t believe how much more solid I am hitting the ball and the last two times out I’ve had the shot of the day. Just a little thing we do..lol! I had 2 eagle opportunities last time out. I don’t believe I’ve ever had those opportunities before. Getting my swing consistent still needs some work but I get out to the range as much as possible. And the grip isn’t even noticeable anymore. Thank you very much and hopefully I can get to Des Moines in the future for more lessons! Take care