Mark & Erin – Couples Lessons

Hi Sarah –

My wife Erin and I worked with you over the last few weeks on improving (for me) and establishing (for Erin) our golf games.  I finished last season at about a 13 handicap and typically shoot in the low 90s, am happy with high 80s, thrilled with low 80s, and had never broken the 80 threshold.  I played Copper Creek last weekend and shot my lifetime best – 78!!  Wanted to pass along my exciting news and let you know once again how appreciative we are for the outstanding lessons.  The highlights for me included:

  • Basics: grip, ball position, swing rhythm, steady lower body; although tweaking any of these felt very awkward at first, they all helped to make my shots more consistent
  • Chipping: club selection, club motion, steady lower body; I’ve always struggled with getting up and down, last weekend I did it with ease J
  • Putting: short 3-6-9 foot putt practice, long lag putts; struggled with 3-putting in the past and also missing those “easy” 3-6 footers.  The tips here helped shave several strokes off last weekend

After several years of consistently playing in the 90s, you have helped to reinvigorate me to get out there and chase 70s and low 80s!

Erin had her scramble golf event for work at Hyperion earlier this week and had a couple highlights as well – she sank a long putt on #1, the team used her drive and other shots several times, and she felt very comfortable out on the course.  She also pared #9 at Sugar Creek during a round with her girlfriends.

Thank you so much for the time, patience, and terrific coaching you provided.  Enjoy the rest of the summer!