TrackMan Lessons & Combine Skills Test


Now Available in Every Lesson for NO EXTRA COST! You’re welcome 🙂 

Sarah is very excited to have the FIRST TrackMan at an outdoor facility in Des Moines and Central Iowa! The technology is awesome and Sarah knows how to use TrackMan with beginners all the way up to the elite player. Leave your lesson with a better understanding of your swing and a plan for long-term success.

More About TrackMan

TrackMan Pro is the choice of the PGA Tour, USGA and R&A for swing and ball flight analysis. A staple on professional tours, with leading educators, club fitters, manufacturers and players, TrackMan Pro is the industry standard for accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

TrackMan Pro measures and displays the full trajectory of any shot, from 6-foot pitches to 400-yard drives, pinpointing the landing position with an accuracy of 1 foot at 100 yards. Delivering state-of-the-art data without using any modeling, TrackMan Pro displays the shot’s actual 3D trajectory in real time together with all impact and ball flight information.

What Can TrackMan Do for Me?

Curious of your club head speed?
Does your shaft fit your swing?
Are you swinging up or down on your driver?
Do you hit several clubs the same distance, do you have a large gap in distance between clubs?
Curious about your spin rates or face to path numbers?
Beginners – you may be hitting several clubs the same carry distance but with TrackMan you will see how your 5 iron does go further than your 9!

TrackMan feedback will answer these questions and any others you may have about your swing/ball flight!

Adult TrackMan Lessons (45 minutes)
One lesson: $95
Series of 3: $270
Series of 6: $499 – one lesson can be used for the TrackMan Combine skills evaluation

TrackMan Combine – Skills Evaluation and Worldwide Game!

The TrackMan Combine is an evaluation comprised of 60 shots to distances ranging from 80 to 160 yards plus driver shots. At the end of this test you will receive a detailed PDF of your performance which will highlight areas of strength and weakness in your game. Beyond the feedback you will receive, the TrackMan Combine is a worldwide test with 1,000’s of golfers completing it each year. With the worldwide leaderboard you can see how you rank in the world, amongst similar handicap levels, gender and more. The Combine test is a wonderful way to put yourself in tournament-like conditions to help set a path for practice and improvement! Learn more here.

With a series of 6 lessons a TrackMan combine can be used for one of your sessions. To schedule a single Combine test please call Sarah at 515-491-0940. The test is $90 and takes approximately 45 minutes.